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"Every possibility begins with the courage to imagine"

Welcome To Our Creative Corner Of The World

Twisted Moon Studios is the result of almost 15 years of day dreaming, late night learning, spilled paint, crumpled paper, broken crayons and the reminder that we live with what we create and that creation can be beautiful!

Alicia, the owner of Twisted Moon Studios, began as a self taught artist. She began her artistic journey as a child playing with cameras and posing younger family members as models and practicing her sketching skills by copying the side of her Disney VHS tapes. 

After college, Alicia faced a life changing moment that led her to the doorsteps of an art center that taught art to adults with special/different needs. Spending a year working at this center, Alicia knew art was life changing and it had to be a part of her journey. She began dabbling in various styles of art in her free time while making photography her chosen career. 

Every opportunity as a camp counselor, art teacher, private tutor, homeschool mom, etc has allowed Alicia to bring her dream of owning her own studio to life. Now holding a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and an Associate's degree in Art, Alicia strives to show her community how therapeutic the act of creating can truly be.

Here at Twisted Moon Studios, we want everyone to feel their worth as an artist. Whether you are a budding artist or a hidden Monet, the act of creating breathes life into our souls: something everyone deserves to experience. 

Our goal is bring the opportunity to learn, make, create and love art to our community. 

Our Artistic Team

Meet our instructors and assistants. All of our instructors and assistants have experience working with children in various capacities, have experience in various art media, and have a passion for helping others cultivate their creativity.



Instructor: Private Lessons, Painting, Drawing, Figure Drawing, Parties & Events

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